Cattle Tuff (949-12) is stronger than the typical "Bull" wire you can buy. If you compare Cattle Tuff to King Ranch® wire, it's exactly half the cost per roll. And it will last a lifetime. The Cattle-Tuff product is specifically designed for livestock control. Cattle-Tuff is a 49" high product with a 12" vertical stay. It's typically used in a 660' roll, so you end up with one splice per 1/4 mile. Generally the material costs are exactly the same as a 5-strand barbed-wire fence. You end up with a fence that will turn livestock effectively, and it's a fence that will last a lifetime.


  • Costs the same as a 5 strand barbed wire fence
  • Stronger than a 9 gauge hinged joint or barbed wire fence
  • Lasts 3 times longer than traditional hinged joint or barbed wire
  • Will remain tighter and won't lose its shape
  • Better able to absorb impact and maintains its tension even during severe temperature and climate changes
  • Uses up to 40% less posts when compared to barbed wire so requires less labor time and is easier to install
  • Does not sag or squash down the way traditional hinged joint farm fence does
  • Cattle are unable to put their head through this fence
  • Kinder to animals and less chance of damage to the animal's hide
  • Superior design means that maintenance is negligible
Our Fence Carries a 10 Year Warranty

Recommended Cattle Fences

Cattle Tuff Fence

 24" 12" 6"

fence spec where used reason
949-24 Boundary & Pasture fence, installs for less than barbed wire, low pressure areas 24" spacing for greatest economy
949-12 Boundary & Pasture fence, low pressure areas cost saving with 12" spacing over long distances
949-6 Internal & Corral fence, high pressure areas 6" spacing for greater strength
1661-3 Corrals, high pressure areas higher fence, 3" spacing for maximum strength and animal control