Products Overview

Stay-Tuff manufactures a variety of fencing solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of our customers. We realize that no one fence can meet all of your needs, so we have provided some helpful tips to consider while shopping for your fence.

Fixed Knot Fence.

The Fixed-Knot fence is our flagship product. It provides exceptional strength and allows for flexible uses and ease of installation. It comes in the many sizes and spacing appropriate for cattle, deer, goats, hogs, horses, bison, elk, sheep, and dogs, and can even be used in security applications. Our Fixed-Knot fence is an incredibly versatile product, with strength beyond what you can find anywhere else.

Stiff Stay Fence

This product is best used in cross fencing applications and comes in configurations for specific livestock. The Stay Stiff Fence’s 2” X 4” spacing keeps horses in and predators out, while the 4” X 4” spacing provides similar protection for sheep and goats.


Our economical barbed wire fence saves you a little money for applications where a barbed wire is appropriate, but gives you a much hire quality compared with traditional low carbon barbed wire.


Our High Tensile Electric Fence provides added electric conductivity, is extraordinarily corrosion and rust resistant and is safe and simple to unroll and install. The fence is useful in perimeter control and security and is often used as a rotational grazing fence.


Fast and easy to install, the High Tensile Hinge Joint Fence is super weather resistant and will not stretch and sag like low tensile wire. This is a great fence for livestock confinement, erosion control silt fence backing, and perimeter and boundary fencing


Stay-Tuff offers a variety of tools and accessories that make building a fence easier for everyone. We can help with brace building, tensioning, splicing, affixing gripple applications, and trough valves. If there is a specialty tool you need, our support staff is willing to assist you in finding it. Our objective is to make your fence building experience a great one, and to leave you with a product that requires little care once completed. We are here to help with the long term care requirements as well