1. Cut the fence wire

    NOTE: We recommend using the Stay-Tuff JM-592 fencing tool and long crimp sleeves to splice your Stay-Tuff fence. Stay-Tuff crimp sleeves are designed to work specifically with high-tensile fencing, and can withstand up to 1500 pounds of tensile stress. Do not use anything less or your splices could fail.

    Tighten the top or bottom stretcher bar as needed to square up the vertical wire stays in the fencing. At this point one stretcher bar should be 3’ or 4’ from the end of a roll and the other would have extra fence wire to cut off.

    Trim off the excess fencing, leaving enough length to overlap the two fence ends.

    Trim off excess fence fabric and square up the stays

    Lay both fence ends over each other to determine where to cut the fence. Cut the horizontal line wire approximately 1.5 inches from the stay wire on one fence. Cut the line wire on the other fence against the knots on the stay wire, leaving a full length of wire to work with. You’ll use this long line wire to measure for even alignment as you crimp.

    Cut the line wire
  2. Place the splicing sleeves on the horizontal line wires

    Place a splicing sleeve on each line wire, then slip the opposite line wire into the sleeve. Work your way down (or up) the fence fabric, placing sleeves on every line wire.

    Place sleeve on each line wire

    Now feed each line wire into the crimp sleeve.

    Wire passing through crimp sleeve

    Wire correctly positioned in each crimp sleeve
  3. Crimp the splicing sleeves

    You’ll be using the JM-592 Multi-Tool for this step. The 12.5 gauge high-tensile fencing shown on these pages should be crimped with our JM-593 crimp sleeve. Use the first notch on the Multi-Tool for this particular sleeve.

    Note: Be sure to read the instructions for your Multi-Tool for details about which notches work with the different sizes of Stay-Tuff sleeves.

    Multi Tool ready to crimp splicing sleeve

    It is easiest to do this job with two people, one person holding the wire and the crimp sleeve while the other does the crimping.

    Multi Tool ready to crimp splicing sleeve

    Crimp the full length of the sleeve, squeezing 4 to 6 times.

    Multi Tool crimping the splicing sleeve

    Carefully trim off any wire overhanging the crimp sleeve.

    Crimp sleeve after crimping

    The final product! This join will hold to 1,500 lbs. The wire will break before the crimp gives way. When joined evenly, from a distance the splice will look like the rest of the fence.

    Crimp sleeve after crimping
  4. Release the stretcher bar pullers

    Once all your splices are complete, loosen the stretcher bar pullers by using the handle to “walk” the jaws of the bar puller backwards down the chain.

    Release the stretcher bar pullers

    Once the tension is released, remove the stretcher bars from the fence by knocking the steel wedges out of each wedge retainer.
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