1. Attach the fence wire to the stretcher bars

    Position a stretcher bar under the fence between 10 to 15 feet apart, depending on the length of the pull. Both fence ends require a stretcher bar.

    Position two stretcher bars 10 to 15 feet apart

    Align the stretcher bars so that they are parallel with and centered between the vertical stay wires. Position the horizontal line wires between the wedge retainers. Insert the wedges into the wedge retainers on top of the wires and drive each wedge home firmly to lock the fence fabric to the stretcher bar.

    Lock fence wire firmly under the wedges
  2. Tighten the fence

    Attach two stretcher bar pullers to one of the stretcher bars (use three bar pullers for eight-foot fencing). Clip the snap clips on the end of the stretcher bar puller’s chain to the pull lugs on the stretcher bar. Then clip the snap clip on the stretcher bar puller to the corresponding pull lug on the other stretcher bar. Pull the loose end of the chain to the stretcher bar puller and lock it into the jaws. You will tighten the fence by “walking” the jaws of the puller up the chain.

    Chain locked in jaws of stretcher bar puller

    Crank the handle of the stretcher bar puller to begin tightening the fence.

    Beginning to tighten the fence

    Continue tightening the fence. It will slowly be pulled upright.

    Fence standing up as tightened

    Tighten the fence until it is relatively tight and stands straight up. If there are any dips or high spots in the fence line, be sure to pull the fence down or up as needed to ensure that the fence will trim correctly.

    Fence fully tightened

    IMPORTANT: Tension the fence until no more than 50% of the crimp in the line wires has been removed.

    Stand the fence up, then loosely tie or staple to hold it in place temporarily.
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