1. Roll out the fence

    Position the roll of fence wire near an end brace. Roll out about 50 feet of fence.

    Roll out 50 feet of wire

    Put something heavy on the free end of the wire as you roll it out to keep it from rolling back up from that end.
  2. Strip off the vertical stays

    If you are using Stay-Tuff fencing, you can skip this step, because all of our fencing is made with our patent-pending Redi-Roll feature. We pre-strip the last 18 inches of the vertical stays, giving you plenty of clear wire to tie off around the end brace. Cut off the end stay to get to the stripped portion of the fencing.

    If you have purchased wire that is not manufactured by Stay-Tuff, strip 3 to 4 vertical stays from the fence to facilitate tying off the wire.

    Redi-Roll: Cut off the end stay to get to the 18 inches of pre-stripped wire
  3. Align the fence

    Lift the fence up toward the end post. While holding the fence roughly in the position where it will ultimately be tied off, partially hammer a fencing staple into the knot one horizontal wire down from the top. This temporary staple helps hold the fence in position as you tie the wire off.

    Hammer a temporary staple to hold the wire loosely in position while you align it

    Now align the fence to the end post, squaring the vertical stay wires with the post.
  4. Tie the fence wire to the end brace using a High-Tensile Knot

    We recommend that you tie several of the horizontal wires in the middle of the fence first. This will allow you to move the fence wire up or down the fence post to the height off the ground that you want it before tying off the remaining wires.

    Following are the instructions for tying a high-tensile knot, which is the best way to tie off high-tensile Stay-Tuff fencing.

    1. Wrap one horizontal line wire around the post one time and measure where it crosses itself.

      Measure where line wire crosses itself
    2. Make a “z” shaped bend in the wire at the point where the wires cross.

      Measure where line wire crosses itself

      Pre-bend all the rest of the line wires at the same place to ensure that the fence fabric will be tied off evenly.
    3. Pass the bottom part of the “z” bent wire back up inside the wire coming around the post.

      Pass bottom of "z" back up inside the wire coming around post
    4. Pull the “z” bent wire up so that it can be passed over the the top of the wire coming around the post. To do this, slip your thumb into the loop and pull upwards.

      Pull wire upwards
    5. Bend the wire over the top of the wire coming around the post.

      Bend wire downwards
    6. Wrap the end of the wire from the bottom around the line wire in the fence fabric.

      Wire must pass under line wire in fence fabric
    7. Wrap the wire around the line wire two to three times. You’ll probably need leather gloves for this. As you wrap the wire, you will notice that it will get hot. This is because the wire is being “work hardened”.

      Beginning to wrap wire

      Continue wrapping wire until you have 2 to 3 wraps

      Once you have two to three wraps around the line wire, you will then proceed to break the excess wire off so that it finishes neatly.
    8. To break the wire, rotate it at 90 degrees to the way that it has been wrapped around the line wire. Take the wire and bend it downwards along the plane of the fence line.

      Start to rotate the wire downwards

      After about a half a turn the wire will snap.

      The wire will snap to provide a neat finish

      As you can see, the high-tensile knot neatly finishes off the loose ends of the tie wire. Although it takes a little time to master all the steps, the end result is worth it.

      Tie off the remainder of the line wires using the steps above. You’ll find this easier to do if you raise the fence a few inches off the ground and tie the bottom wire first. Slide the fence down into place before tying the remaining wires.

      Note: Remove the temporary staple that you hammered in to hold the fence in position while you tied the first two middle line wires.

      The fence correctly tied around the post

      Now do the same for the other end of the fence.

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