How to Build a Fence

01 Plan your Fence
  • Planning your fence thoroughly is the easiest way to ensure that your fencing project goes as smoothy and economically as possible.

02 Gather the right tools
  • Having the right tools makes fence building easier and faster. We recommend using two stretcher bars and pulling the wire to the center. Splicing is much easier using a multi-crimp tool and sleeves.

03 Lay out the fence line and set posts
  • Clear the fence line. Set the end posts. Pull a guide wire between the end posts. Set the 2nd end brace post. Set the line posts.

04 Build the Braces
  • Set the brace pins into the post. Put the brace wire around the brace. Attach an in-line strainer to the brace wire. Tighten the brace wire.

05 Tie the Wire to the end brace
  • See our pre-stripped fence roll. We show you the recommended Hi-Tensile knot you should use on our website.

06 Tension the fence
  • Tension the fence wire by pulling it to the center of the fence using stretcher bars and stretcher bar pullers.

07 Splice the fence
  • Splice the fence using a crimping tool and crimp sleeves.

08 Trim out the fence
  • Staple the fence wire to the fence posts. Attach post clips.

09 Finish
  • Your new Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot fence is ready for action.

Three essentials for a good Fence:
  • Get professional guidance
  • Buy quality materials
  • Build according to the manufacturer's recommendations